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Para Vista School Canteen

Para Vista has taken on the Education Department’s initiative of the Right Bite Strategy encouraging a healthier eating plan for our students.

The canteen is open for lunch play time 11:30 – 12:00. We have a wide variety of foods available at reasonable prices. Lunch orders are processed in the morning and collected to take back to class via class monitors at 11:20.  Lunch orders are to be written on lunchbags or by using the QKR App (available on Google Play and Apple App Store).  Lunch bags can be purchased from the canteen at 5c each or cheaper in bulk packs.

Apple slinkies are available for 10c each when you bring your own apple or free with your 80c apple purchase.

For the canteen to run efficiently we are always requiring volunteer help from the school community, so please consider this to help your children have a viable canteen.

     Para Vista School Canteen uses the Right Bite Policy

Assessing Food Using the Right Bite Food and Drink Spectrum  The Right Bite Food and Drink Spectrum helps schools and preschools promote healthy eating by classifying food into 3 categories according to their nutritional value:

 GREEN category foods and drinks are the healthiest choices.

 AMBER category foods and drinks are more processed with some added salt, sugar and/or fat.

 RED category  foods and drinks are highly processed, energy dense and nutrient poor.

Para Vista aims to provide as many choices as possible from the GREEN category and to select carefully from the AMBER category.

Please see our current canteen price list, downloadable below as a PDF.     

 ORDER ONLINE with QKR!  - See the attached PDF for information and instructions!