Facilities - Digital Technologies

Para Vista has a strong understanding of the developing technological world and how this applies to our students and their futures.  As such, Para Vista has a commitment to furthering the digital skills of it's staff and students by providing appropriate digital technology devices and suites to improve on these skills and knowledge.

As part of our digital technology commitment, Para Vista continues to build our facilities and currently features the following:

• 1:1 Laptop Program for teaching staff

• 1:1 iPad Model for key ICLT teaching staff

• 1:1 Shared Laptops for students R-7

• 1:1 Shared iPads for students R-7

• Shared Preschool iPad program

Para Vista has become a leading school in communication tools that build a solid foundation between school, families and the wider community. These tools include:

• Implementation of ‘Push Notification’ system with the Para Vista Preschool-Seven App for all smartphones (available from the Apple App Store or Google Play) that update the community of information in real time.

• 5 Digital screens strategically placed around the school that display multimedia information such as current and upcoming events, notices, photos/videos of student work and other important information.

Para Vista has also made significant investments in its ICLT infrastructure in order to support the continuing influx of digital technologies coming into the school for teaching and learning. These include:

  • New modern wireless technologies 
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom 
  • New projectors in every classroom 
  • 2 dedicated computer suites (20-30 computers) for whole class activities, each with a dedicated networked laser printer, scanner and data projector
  • Classroom management software for safe and progressive learning
  • iPad management software for safe and progressive learning