Our School - Digital Technologies Program

At Para Vista Preschool-Seven we provide technology-rich learning environments where our school’s staff and students have access to digital technologies when and where they need them. Our students are engaged in digital learning opportunities that promote anywhere/anytime learning, higher order thinking skills and online collaborative learning environments.

Students are taught important Cyber Safety programs that assist them to make good choices when engaged with the online world. Using a range of media tools such as iPads, Laptops, Apps and Web Based programs allows many opportunities for students to think creatively, both individually and collaboratively. Our students have opportunities to create digital content such as games, music, animations, movies, podcasts and school assembly video shows.  Using online collaborative environments such as Google Classroom has become a focal point for our digital technologies program, allowing our students to operate in a modern, progressive manner where learning is put into the hands of the student and their community.

Para Vista’s ICLT’s incorporate organising elements from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) General Capability and the Digital Technologies curriculum from the Australian Curriculum.