Our School - Play is the Way

The Behaviour Education Policy is underpinned by Play is the Way, a social education, whole school approach used at Para Vista Preschool-7 to promote positive behaviour and collaborative practices, through the development of self-management skills.  A school-wide approach to ‘Manners Matter’ supports this initiative.


The following key concepts are used to help students to be independent, self-regulating, self-motivated learners in persistent pursuit of their personal best and able to get along with others:  

·         Treat others as you would like them to treat you.


·         Be brave – participate to progress.


·         Pursue your personal best no matter who you work with.


·         Have reasons for the things you say and do.


·         It takes great strength to be sensible.

 The ‘Play Is The Way’ program is broken into three main components:

1.    Games – a hands on and often challenging approach to assist student growth in self-regulation and team work.


2.    Language – an encouraging, restorative and empowering language to develop student’s personal bests.

o   “Right thing or wrong thing to do?”


o   “Strong decision or weak moment decision?”


o   “Feelings or thinking in charge?”


o   “Am I trying to hurt you or help you?”


o   “Are you running away from the problem or dealing with it?”


o   “Being your own boss or asking me to be the boss?”


3.    Life Raft and Values lessons – reinforcing the Key Concepts, as well as our school values of ‘Respect, Honesty & Courage’. 


Through all avenues of ‘Play Is The Way’ and Behaviour Education we aim to support our students in turning our school values into virtues, so that they become entrenched in their daily lives.