Our School - Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education (ABED) in the Department for Education and Child Development schools over the last few years has developed into a rich curriculum.  Utilising this curriculum at Para Vista, our aim is to meet the needs of not only the Aboriginal community, but also to promote and raise an awareness of Aboriginal culture to the non-Aboriginal community.

Currently on staff to lead the ABED curriculum there is an Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET),  an English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) Teacher, an Aboriginal Community and Education Officer (ACEO), an Aboriginal Program Assistance Scheme (APAS) Tutor and a School Counsellor.  The AET and EALD teachers along with the APAS tutor have a role which is to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes for our Aboriginal students.  It also is about improving the well-being of the Aboriginal students.  The AET is also involved in working with other staff members in implementing the Aboriginal Cultural Studies curriculum and Aboriginal perspectives from the Australian Curriculum in their planning. The ACEO’s main role is to provide a link of communication between Aboriginal parents and the school community.  The ACEO and School Counsellor also work with families in regards to student absences.

Strategies implemented to carry out the above mentioned roles include:    

· each student having an Individual Learning Plan which has goals for literacy, numeracy and well-being

· monitoring and collecting data around the literacy and numeracy results for all students

· providing intense support to students who need one on one support

· having students work in small groups to improve their literacy and numeracy results

· updating teachers and parents on how the students are going

· setting up a room for Aboriginal students to visit and work in

· providing a cultural lesson for all Aboriginal students which aims to improve their self-esteem and provide them with further knowledge and understanding of their culture through working in the Bush Tucker Garden

· training each student as a Bush Tucker Garden tour guide

· assisting families who need help with counselling, health, finance, attendance, clothing, food etc.

· providing staff with training and development opportunities to update their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture

· organising parent meetings each term

· holding a ‘Community Feast’ celebrations where all families at Para Vista are invited to share a meal together

· providing opportunities for parents/students to contribute their ideas and be involved in the organising of Aboriginal celebrations such as Reconciliation Week, Deadly Awards


Ways families can be involved:

· attend parent/caregiver meetings

· know what your child/ren’s Individual Learning Plan is about and how you can support your child/ren at home with their learning

· volunteer to help in the classroom or with the Bush Tucker Garden

· be involved in the planning and implementation of Reconciliation activities

· attend Community Feasts

· support students in attending events such as the Deadly Awards

· share your culture with us so we can all learn about what it means to be an Aboriginal person