Our School - Science


Early Years students at Para Vista participate in an Inquiry based Science program integrating the three strands described in the Australian Curriculum.

Students develop Science Understanding of Biological sciences, Chemical sciences, Earth and Space sciences and Physical sciences.

Students learn about Science as a Human Endeavour: the 'Nature and Development of science' (Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships) and 'Use and influence of science' (Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions).

Our students develop Science Inquiry Skills that include:

Responding to, posing questions and predicting.

Planning and conducting (guided investigations, manipulating materials, testing ideas and recording observations).

Processing and analysing data and information (sorting information using drawings and tables, then discussing and comparing observations with their predictions).

Evaluating (comparing observations with their peers).

Communicating observations and ideas in a variety of ways such as oral and written language, drawing and role play.

Through the program students will develop knowledge of the following overarching science ideas: Patterns, Order and Organisation, Form and Function, Stability and Change, Scale and Measurement, Matter and Energy, Systems.


Paul Bairstow - Teacher