Our School - Resource Based Learning (RBL)

Resource Based Learning

Over the year each class at Para Vista has Resource Based Learning (RBL) lessons in the Resource Centre guided by the library staff.  The set lessons within a term are planned in conjunction with the classroom teacher/s and the teacher librarian.  The aim of the educational program is to actively involve students in the effective use of a wide range of appropriate print, non-print and human resources.  Many of the outcomes for student learning are aimed at the development of thinking skills, critical and creative skills, library skills and research skills.

Topics or inquiry questions vary from class to class and vary across year levels.  For example, one junior primary class has explored silkworms as part of the curriculum area Design Technologies and have bred them during the term.  Whilst three primary classes have posed inquiry questions about Rainforests as part of the Geography curriculum and visited the Botanic Gardens to complete their research.  Upper Primary students have been involved in completing a Digital Licence a part of the Digital Technologies curriculum.  Students completing their licence covered topics such as Searching, Researching and Communicating Safely Online.

Along with exploring interesting topics, producing successful final products, the students during RBL lessons have created wonderful displays for our Resource Centre, making it a vibrant and inviting space within our school to work together in.

Let There Be Light 2015                                                                                    Botanic Gardens 2016