Our School - The Hive - Play Based School Entry


The Hive is a large Early Years space designed to foster a strong transition from preschool to school. The students, The Yellow Bees and The Green Bees have the opportunity to work in a team learning environment.











In The Hive, you will see students take part in a play based learning program centred on student’s interests and curriculum needs. This approach personalises learning and engages students in an interactive and self-motivated learning environment. Students receive explicit instruction in literacy and numeracy and actively work on their own investigations. Through these investigations students develop in areas of: Executive Function (working memory, cognitive flexibility and Inhibitory control), Oral Language, Literacy Skills, Social Skills, Numeracy Skills and Motor skills. These life skills are the foundation for successful participation in school.

Investigations take place 4 mornings a week and incorporate:

  • Tuning In (15- 20 minutes) – Previous learning is revisited, learning intentions are discussed, and children with specific roles share their intentions.
  • Investigations (45 minutes) – Students self-select which learning centres they will investigate.
  • Reflection (15-20 minutes) – A structured approach is used to ensure students share their learning.
  • Resetting (5 minutes) – Students actively participate in creating the learning environment ready for daily lessons and for investigations the next day.










All learning areas are based on the Australian Curriculum and are taught in directed lessons throughout the day.  The skills introduced are then re in forced and practised through investigation.   










Jolly Phonics is the literacy program used in the Hive and across the Early and Primary Years; it is a systematic synthetic phonics approach that is an interactive way to engage students in learning the sounds and letter names to assist with reading and writing.



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