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Para Vista: A community of lifelong learners inspiring creativity and excellence



Welcome to Para Vista Pre-school - Seven School.



There are alot of things to be enthusiastic and proud of at our school. We offer an exciting learning and care environment for children in preschool, early years and primary years of schooling and through our Out of Hours School Care (OSHC) program, all on one campus.

Our school has developed a vision that is underpinned by our values of Respect, Honesty and Courage. These values, supported by the Play is the Way program, form the basis of our social and emotional learning programs.

Our school is made up of students and families from a diverse range of cultural, language, religeous and socio economic backgrounds. We strive to establish strong relationships with all families within our school community.

The multicultural nature of the school community provides a culturally rich, harmonious environment that enriches the learning and life experiences of students and staff.

Our school is structured around three teams.

- Early Years which caters for students from Preschool to year 2

- Primary Years for Years 3 to 5 students

- Middle Years for students from Years 6 to 7

These three teams work collaboratively to support the development of strong relationships between students and staff and to ensure that all educational programs offered ensure continuity of learning and are provided in a seamless way.

Our major focus is to support students to be the best learner they can be and to acknowledge and celebrate their successes.

We expect our students to develop a sense of social responsibility and demonstrate respect, honesty and courage in all aspects of school life, and to live by the Golden Rule- "Treat others as you would like them to treat you" as these form the basis of our behavioural expectations. Students are expected to demonstrate respect by wearing the school unform, attending regularly and engaging in the educational program to the best of their ability.

I invite you to explore our website as it provides detailed information about each section of our school and our programs. If you require further information, have any questions or would like to attend a scheduled school tour, please contact me through our front office or via email and I will be happy to discuss any aspect of our preschool, our school or our OSHC service.

I trust you will actively contribute and enjoy being a member of our school community.

Terena Pope